Thematic gallery: time.

As most of you already noticed, today we changed our local time and added one hour to our clocks.

This is not a big issue for most of us, but it means that you will have 1 hour more light and that you won’t have to weak up so early to take dawn pictures.

Street Soul Photography wants to celebrate this special day by showing you a special collection of pictures that were sent to us the past weeks.

"Time for lunch" by Franciso Javier Garcia

“Time for lunch” by Franciso Javier Garcia

"Símbolo del tiempo" by José Lledó

“Símbolo del tiempo” by José Lledó

01 Berns Gilna-Murphy - 10.33

“10.33” by Berns Gilna-Murphy

"¿A qué hora salía mi avión?"by Fabián Spura

“¿A qué hora salía mi avión?”by Fabián Spura

"El viajero en el tiempo" by Jesús León

“El viajero en el tiempo” by Jesús León

"Atrapados en el tiempo" by Pilar Silvestre

“Atrapados en el tiempo” by Pilar Silvestre

"La hora del sol" by José Lledó.

“La hora del sol” by José Lledó.

"Walking by Madrid" by Néstor Rodríguez.

“Walking by Madrid” by Néstor Rodríguez.

"Parada" by José Gálvez Pujol

“Parada” by José Gálvez Pujol

"Untitled" by Sergi Soriano Vílchez

“Untitled” by Sergi Soriano Vílchez


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