Fabián Spura

Fabián Spura

Fabián Úbeda Spura was born in Ondara (Alicante) in 1990, and is the youngest member of the collective.

He started shooting with just 14 years when his parents bought him the first digital camera, but he also has been shooting which his mothers (who is a classic street photographer) camera. But it wasn’t until an academic exchange in Frankfurt (Germany) in 2012 that he became very interested in street photography taking every free minute for walking through the streets of “Mainhattan”. His passion for this hard style hasn’t reach a turning point and “it never will happen”, he says.

Fabián tries to find his own style, combining social view points with classic perspectives. He has several authors and likes the classic ones like Bresson or Mayer, but he thinks that “newcomers offer more attractive perspectives for modern times, like Elizabeth Char”.

His interest in Social Media Photography cames from his actual position at Street View Photography (content manager) under the influence of David R. Prasser, founder of Street View Photography.

Works in photography:

  • Several rallies photography
  • Theater coverage and photoshooting
  • Nudes and Portrait photography


  • “The Leicester Peoples Photography Gallery”
  • Interview for Street Photography Magazine, Issue #17

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Personal site: otrofotorollo.es

Facebook: facebook/fubespu

Twitter: @fubespu

Flickr: flickr.com/photos/fubespu 

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