Francisco Javier García


Francisco Javier García Pérez was born in Hagen (Germany) in 1965.

His first photography experiences were in the analog era, but it wasn’t until 2009 that he became interested in photography. He likes landscape and night photography, but it’s street photography what makes him express all his potential.

He prefers to think about the shot before taking it, and doesn’t like the burst mode. He always set quality before quantity.

  • “La otra mirada”, collective exposition for Cáritas. Orihuela 2011.
  • “El color dormido”, collective exposition about Black and White photography. Orihuela 2012.
  • “Murales de San Isidro, homenaje a Miguel Hernández”, collective exposition. Orihuela 2012.
  • “Muestra de fotografía Urbana”, lounge “La fábrica”. Orihuela 2013.


  • “Murales de San Isidro 1976-2012” ISBN: 978-84-616-3500-9

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Personal site (flickr): flickr/fjavi


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